Out Of The Storm, Into The Light

By Penny A. Bailey

Sin equals hiding, fear, shame and blame.  A relationship with God brings openness, trust, a clean heart and a life of grace.   In the storm that is life, we sometimes forget that when we find ourselves battling the world, staring at our sins in shame, we should give to God what is His in the first place.

Walk Beside Me

By Laura K. Roland

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.

Just walk beside me and be my friend."


By Laura K. Roland

But somewhere between the diapers and the carpools, doctors appointments and teacher conferences, sports practices and piano lessons, I began to feel it was too much, that I wasn't handling any of it very well; in short, I started to believe the lie that I wasn't enough - for me, for my kids, for my husband and least of all for God. And in my mind, God only has plans for those who have their act together. I used to be that person, but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

I Just Wanted To Feel Pretty

By Penny A. Bailey

I just wanted to feel pretty.  Off to the salon I went, picture in hand of haircut desired.  Knowing that I couldn’t be that girl in the picture but hoping to at least gain some control over the gray and frizz, still I was  seeking to feel like that twenty-something again

My Ordinary Experience In Australia

By Laura K. Roland

When I accepted the offer to speak at the Sisterhood Arise National Women's Conference in Australia, I had no idea what to expect. Putting the message that had long been on my heart into words was daunting enough; but creating a meaningful workshop experience for the women attending the conference was overwhelming.